Friday, July 1, 2011

[PFF] If men could fly

Will you look at him. That's probably a good four feet up in the air. Amazing what chicken wings can do.

This is a retro card (a reprint, but the copyright dates 1967) showcasing a dance interpretation of a Cock fight (filipino: Sabong). I love love love the movement in this photo. It still scares me how he leaped that high, he probably used the white man's knees as spring board. Ouch.

Sabong is still very popular in the Philippines. As brutal and inhumane as it sounds, raising and breeding fighting cocks is one of the most popular, most expensive and sometimes financially rewarding hobbies filipino men do. I saw how the cockpits work, but just on TV. I find the culture and the social dynamics really bizarre. Do you know what's more ridiculous than forcing priced (and I mean PRICED) roosters fight to the death for entertainment? Gambling big bucks on them, of course.

My grandpa was a sabungero. But he wasn't very good at it. I guess having nine mouths to feed wouldn't really leave you with much money to spend on the weekly derbies. I love and I miss my Lolo (grandpa). He was already old and sick when I was growing up, but he would visit us at our home on Sunday afternoons after a bad day at the pit. He was still so charming even after losing every penny, and he'd ask mom for fare money so he don't have to walk all the way home. haha. (Just a note, he was an awesome man)

It was surreal, when Lolo died, and the memories are always so clear for me. I can even remember what clothes I was wearing, the sound of laughter at his wake (yes that's weird), how I never looked inside his casket, save for one time to check if he was wearing any shoes on, or how I never got to walk during the funeral because my sandals broke. I find it assuring though, that the best memory I cherish, is Lolo's charming old-man smile, after a good (though unprofitable) time at the cock pit.

Errrr, enough with the emo story. You liked the card?

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  1. Scary! I would be scared. I think I've watched a cock fight dance before. Maybe or maybe not. I have been to Sabong before. I had a little experience about it and made bets.

    My Postcard Friendship Friday ENTRY is up. Thanks!

  2. My grandma was an ardent sabungero too. I miss him so much.

  3. The card is stunning and I can just imagine the actual dance must be even more so.

    You have wonderful memories of your grandfather so cherish them. Sadly I never met either of mine.