Friday, May 27, 2011

A Really Old Postcard.

Postcard Friendship Friday #1

I found this gem at a small collector's shop in one of Manila's large malls. The coin dealer's shop is tiny and can be found at the top floor of the usually crowded SM Megamall. Up there, the number of shoppers significantly decrease and the type of people you would usually see range from art lovers, stuff collectors and enthusiasts. Sometimes, there are rich housewives searching for pieces to add to their collection, and also the occassional lost soul-- that would be me.

I walked past and saw the small tray of postcards and immediately went into hyper search mode. Then, I found it. This particular postcard had no definitive "Wow factor" to it at first glance. At second glance, I realized it could add to my black-and-white collection. But I thought about it for the third time and found no real reason for me to cash out on a piece of torn, gray, weathered and used postcard from Germany. Hey, Germany afterall, has one of the most number of postcrossers in Postcrossing, so nothing fancy about another old DE-postcard.

But then I see the meter stamp and it reads "11-8-34". That makes it pre-World War II. And it's from Germany, no less--
"I wonder if the sender is a jew..."

So yeah, my most expensive postcard is torn, weathered, gray, used but unreadable, and it's missing a stamp. It's freakin' priceless.