Disclosure Policy

OK! This part is for the boring ass serious stuff that you most probably would not read (uhh, hello who reads this stuff-- it's the "end user agreement" of the blogging world. As always just click 'accept' and get it over with. OK so there's no 'accept' button... maybe I should put one! That could be easy.. I am talking/writing out loud again, am I not? sigh.)

let's get it over, then.

This policy is valid from 11 July 2011

 This blog is a personal blog written and edited by me, unless otherwise stated. Please don't copy anything I wrote or any picture I took without my permission. You are free to download the free e-books, though.

Right now the only 'paid' part of this blog is Google Adsense, but I'm interested in other form of paid advertising. Someday, maybe.