Wednesday, July 15, 2015

The Science Behind the Puppy-Eyes Effect
Look at this cutie. Who could resist those adorable eyes? Don't they make you want to squish his tiny face and give him all the love he's begging for? I'm sure most people would give in. I know I would.

Apparently, there's a scientific reason why we feel so loved whenever we lock gaze with our canine best friends. A recent study published by the journal Science proves  that our reaction to puppy eyes can be traced back to the changes in the levels of oxytocin in our body. 

Oxytocin is a hormone found in mammals that can be associated with intimacy, maternal connections as well as the feeling of trust. In the study, they found an elevated concentration of the said hormone in the person's urine samples after merely having a staring contest with their lovable pooches.

Science, Bitches! (Pun intended ) 

So where does this leave us, humans? Are we forever enslaved by the powerful charm of the puppy stare? Will our hormonal levels forever betray us? Are we doomed to fall in love and give in, forgive them for every furniture chewed on, every expensive shoe destroyed and peed on?
Awwww staph it puppy, staph! Don't you melt my weak heart!

Let's not forget that this primal, chemical connection that we have with dogs is not one-sided. Dogs get a kick out of our affection too! Their staring behavior is in fact a reaction to our oxytocin.

The study found how the increased concentration of oxytocin in the master made the puppy gaze even more.

As part of the study, the dogs were  given a whiff of oxytocin. The results showed that their tendency to connect eyes with their master increased. It has become their reaction to give us the puppy eyes when they detect the rise in oxytocin.

Scientists recognized this as a positive loop in terms of the relationship between the two species. They deduced that this has been a product of evolution; that in the hundreds of years that humans have trained and cared for canines, both species have adapted and co-evolved.

One of the very cute and heart-melting evidence of this is how our bodies - both master's and pet's - have learned a way to further strengthen our bond with each other.

Truly,  we cannot deny the unbreakable bond that a dog can have with his human. As this study reveals,  this connection is backed by our body's physiological response to adorable puppy eyes.