Tuesday, July 12, 2011

this little munchkin

.. is my dinner!! Om nom nom nom!

My squeaky little (ok, he's not so little anymore) guinea piggie, Chaddie. I may have gone all-out crazy with the editing. huff.
Taken with my camera phone (lol)

Mustering my courage to link this to:
Sweet shot Tuesday


  1. My girls want a guinea pig very bad. Cute shot.

  2. Cute! What a sweet face.

  3. Such a cute little guy! Nice photo!

  4. I miss our guinea pig and how he used to squeal every time the fridge opened. They are great pets.

  5. Thanks for the comments. Yes they do squeal a LOT.

    @Ken: they are great adorable pets, but also a lot of work!:) So better think it out first before getting your kids one (or a pair--they're better with playmates).