Sunday, July 24, 2011

Turning lemons into grapes--or something like that.

I had an appointment last Thursday at the Manila City Hall (No, I'm not in trouble, unfortunately. Shame, that  would be a more interesting blog post), but then someone screwed up and I was told I had to go back some other day (uhh, the usual).

Normally I would be pissed and this entry will be a really ugly hate post. But then I did something that very few disgruntled people at a government building would do: I looked upLiterally (this is not a Jesus post either).

And tadaaa, Eureka! My failed lakad turned into a full blown photo walk. Took almost a hundred photos of so many random things, I had so much fun.

More than a few people gave me the weird look. Others were simply too busy to notice (or they just chose to ignore me because I looked too lost). I gave the folks at the License Division a short break from their *really boring* office work. They had a few laughs when I stopped by to capture some unusual ornaments they have on display. They have a freakin' cannon and two life size moriones (or something)-- strangest office I've been to.

Does your office have a cannon? (not the printer, silly.) Or these, whatever these are:

Yes I know I screwed up the lighting and stuff. I was too busy being embarrassed to care.

The rest of the photos will be saved for other posts. lol. All photos were taken with my Samsung F400 camera phone (haha) and edited using the AMAZING Poladroid, except for one where I used picnik. I have no time for photoshop anymore. :(

Shadow shot sunday hosted by HeyHarriet
The Creative Exchange hosted by Lisa Gordon


  1. The first image is quite magical - and what a place to work! Great shadow shot.

  2. Interesting post.
    My favorite is the first photo :)


  3. Well, that's making lemonade from lemon for sure! Glad you kept your sense of humour and found some terrific objects for your photography! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Funny! Great photos and post.

  5. I like that first photo best, too. Amazing what we see when we just take the trouble to look!