Wednesday, July 13, 2011

partying partying yeah

[Postcard Perfect]
Manila night lights along Pasig River postcard (1967 JMC Press) Retro reprint [??] 

Ah, the sixties-- the era of neon lights and disco fever! I adore this postcard mainly because of the bright pink and the reflection on the river-- *GASP* they used to have a night life along the Pasig river! I can't imagine that happening anymore. I would love to go back and experience disco back in those days-- the fashion, the music, the partying mayhem. That would be something.

Speaking of parties, I went out for the first time in a looooong time (and I am not even exaggerating) with the best party people in the world (and best friends ever) that I know-- who else but high school friends! Yay! 

I actually LIVED with these people (ok, just the girls) for four years-- breathed the same air that they breathed, ate the same horrid things they fed us back then. We had the ups and downs of teenage life together, 24/7 (ok, for some just 24/5 since they go home on weekends). We even know each other's sleeping quirks for christ's sake, so when we get together, we just KNOW each other-- no pretensions or judgement. Back then, when we party (illegally of course) we PARTY HARD. Like crazy drunk ass hard. Those were the days.

But alas, times have changed and I am very disappointed. *_____* Ok just a little disappointed, I still had a a wonderful time with the people who always make me happiest. The laughs are still there, the crazy jokes, the funny mean things we say to each other... but...WE ARE GETTING SO FREAKIN' OLD. And partying starts to get... boring.

The night started with Barrio Fiesta-- it was nice, but a little overpriced. The Chicken Sisig was heaven. It was fun--especially because my ex and I were getting along really well (compared to M and B... and P... AWKWARD). It's really good to be friends with him again, we're so funny when we're in sync. ANYWAY.

By 9:30 we were off to party #2 at Dencio's. Weak service, the music was not exactly my taste. I liked the interiors though. The cocktail..hmm, good I guess. Better than what we had later that night. I was extremely bored. Mayah and I even made up games to entertain ourselves. I could not wait to get out of there... I guess we were just not comfortable in the place and there was not much to talk about anymore. :(

Light at Dencio's

Party #3 was at Padi's Point at around 12mn. Thank goodness it was dark, if not I would rate the interior 1/10. Horrible. But the people are dancing their panties off, the music was crazy, the band was good-- FOR A WHILE. More on that later. It was my first time at Padi's actually. I quickly expected to dance the night away just like we did in high school. I was ecstatic and ready to get stone drunk and party on the dance floor.

But then they served us this expensive JUICE. Dammit not a single hint of alcohol on the drinks we ordered. We had three towers-- THREE before we finally decided to forget about getting piss-drunk and just get on the dance floor and pretend to actually be bombed just so we could dance. By then it was already 3AM and all of a sudden-- the horror of all horrors, the band MELLOWED DOWN! I almost wanted to scream and rebel and go crazy on the dance floor to the beat of  Side A's "Forevermore". >__<

SIGH. Next time, guys. Next time.

Defeated. Boredom at its finest.

Oh I almost forgot, this is part of Postcard Perfect.


  1. It must be a fun-filled night for everyone! at elast before the boring kicks in! lol!

  2. Nakaka-miss naman ang maynila!It's been awhile na.Looks like you guys had a blast^_^

    Happy PP!

  3. Hi Jill!
    nice to be back here again..
    ang saya naman ninyo..ang haba..tinamad akong basahinn.okay na ako sa mga photos nyo..hehehe..
    visiting you here from PP..

  4. haha sheng! Mahaba habang inuman rin kasi! :D

    Thanks for stopping by.

  5. which part of manila is this? i wonder if those buildings are still standing.

  6. Hi Jill, that is a nice postcard! I thought that's the same neon lights i can see when passing by along the pasig river. ^^

    I miss hanging out with highschool pals. We don't have partying in highschool so whenever we get together now in our adult years, the meeting is full of laughs and talks of never ending high school tales. Oh how fun is high school!

  7. Actually, walang nasabi where in Manila this is,, so I don't know too, haha. I'm also not sure if the photo was actually taken in 1967--nakalagay lang sa card 'copyright 1967' though not sure when it was printed.

  8. lovely wow, its always nice to be with friends and enjoy the night! i got united with my highschool friends sa singapore last year, it was 5 days of great fun (but they spend 2 weeks all together, can't stay long kasi i have family na, swerte hubby allowed me). i love your post, from postcard to having fun! :)

    visiting late from last week's postcard perfect, happy postcrossing! :)

  9. Oh! I lurve Manila vintage cards. But I cannot pinpoint that area. Perhaps along Escolta?

    Late visit from last week's Postcard Perfect. Hope you can drop by my entry: Angkor Wat