Tuesday, July 5, 2011

[polaroid02] Please don't barf.

This was taken after my friends and I watched a concert last February. We hanged around this rickety old spinning umbrella thing to recharge and (because I was with a bunch of guy friends) 'chick watch'.

Patrick: Who's going for a ride?
James: Me!
Me: As if four hours of standing in a tight crowd didn't tire them enough, they also want to get sick to their stomach. Can we please sit down, my feet are killing me.

*the ride starts to spin*

Jac: Finally, air!!
Jer: Yes, better that aircon.

Bernard: This is awesome. It's like we're inhaling all those people's body odor.
Jer: Or their farts.
Jac: At least it's cooler here.
Me: Oh god, if someone barfs- it will be all over us in a second.

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