Saturday, July 2, 2011

That giant pink ball of a dress

Now THIS is one fabulous stamp.

WHY WHY WHY can't Philippines have more gorgeous, more hip, and glamorously modern stamps like this? 

Ritva Liisa Pohjalaisen is a is a Finnish fashion designer... that's all I got...Aaargh! It's frustrating that I cannot find much info on her in english. I think, maybe, she's really good. (doh of course she is, she has her own stamp)

The stamp is part of a set made for International Women's Day (March 8) in 2010. See the rest here This was sent to me by the awesome Pirjo, a member. I badly want the rest of the designs!! Anybody?

Just a brief background: like many girls, I am FASCINATED by the *superficial* world of high fashion. If only I could afford any of it.*sulk* My sister and I are both junkies when it comes to fashion reality shows on TV (because it's free). America's Next Top Model, Project Runway, The Rachel Zoe Project,  Launch my Line and The Ultimate Collection-- these brighten our boring school nights (when we should have been studying).

Going back to the lovely stamp and the shocking hot pink creation-- I actually adore this type of silhouette  for a dress. I have seen two dresses similar to it. Yes,  I remember most of the dresses I saw on TV. Any dress with that shape--tight and simple on the top but scandalous in volume and texture from the waist down-- will definitely leave a mark.

The dress shown above was made by designer  Carol Hannah for the Finale Fashion show of Project Runway season 6. It's definitely a statement piece, unfortunately it did not go well with the rest of her collection. It's fantastic, though, how she played with volume and structure.  A similar dress was made by Ro (Rolando Tamez) in The Fashion Show-The Ultimate Collection, but I can't find a photo of it. sigh.

All dresses are pretty , but for me, Carol Hannah's is the prettiest. Ritva-Liisa's looks regal, fashion-forward and show-stopping, but I think it's the wrong length-- or maybe it's just shamelessly gorgeous that way.

What do you think?

Anybody else noticed the stamp edge?
Also, I am joining Pink Saturday for the first time with this entry, YAy me! 

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  1. I was a fashion design major yeeaaaars ago and still love fashion to this day - love to make something new out of something old. You have a good eye - and besides that, looking at these shows is studying - just in a different way.
    Happy Pink Saturday.

  2. I agre - the stamp is gorgeous. That dress is fabulous. Happy PS!

  3. Fashion designers are a breed all by themselves. The can cone up with something most interesting things.