Thursday, July 7, 2011

Of Math and hearts

It's a cardioid!! with the polar equation:  r = 2a(1+cos(angle)) WOOT!

Blaah! It's a heart, yay!! More like a butt, actually! haha *I'm just taking a short break from studying math (again) for my weekly exam tomorrow. *

I used to really hate math. Ever since grade school I was good at anything except math. In high school I got a science/math scholarship so naturally a lot of my classmates are great in math. sigh. I once got 28% in analytic geometry. I just laughed when I got my paper back.

Fast forward to senior year, I fell in love with Physics and Electronics. And I knew I wanted to take ECE (Electronics and Communications Engineering) in college. But the first thing that came out of my guidance counselor's mouth was: "I thought you don't like Math?" As if a pageant contestant, I answered: "I'm willing to take the challenge."

Wrong answer. The entire time I was in college, I was in an constant battle to push myself to enjoy all the equations, the derivations, all the calculus and the matrices. It was math hell. All my majors were involving math, and there was no escape. By sophomore year, I was already very willing to quit, to leave engineering altogether and shift to a different career path. But to where? I had nowhere else to go. I got by, but in my heart I wished I could enjoy it all.

I graduated, and just when I thought I was through the worst, here I am again re-living all the math I have ever learned my entire life-- cramming everything in the next months as I prepare for my professional license exam in October.

This time, though, I am loving it. It took me by surprise, but now I am enjoying the math, but hating the electronics. I do not understand how, but I wish this happened earlier. Could have saved me a lot of blood, sweat and tears. Cheers to the awesome professors in my Review school for making me fall in love with math for the first time. :)

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  1. Wow. This is absolutely awesome! I am in serious awe of anyone who is good at math. Who understands things that are waaaaay beyond my own comprehension. I find it fascinating that for people who are polar opposites in that regard ... what brings us together is a heart! (Or a cute butt as the case may be) ;=)

    I really really love this math heart ... even if I don't do math! Thank you so much for finding it, posting it, and linking it up with Guest Heart Thursday!!!

  2. Isn't it awesome that there's a mathematical equation for ANYTHING? :D

  3. What a fun heart! ♥ I think it's wonderful you are enjoying math now! :D