Thursday, June 30, 2011

You're my wonderwall

Err, not really... but you have a really big, golden heart.

Get it? *hik* 'golden heart'. get it? Erhm, yeah, the rock above my sister's head-- it's a heart. You know what that means? It means...Guest Heart Thursday! *cue music* :)

This was during our family's annual Holy Week pilgrimage last April. The Church was built during the Spanish Colonial era, from 1830-1883. Yep, it took 53 years to finish it.



I'm not proud of the fact that we would rather grab the chance to have an interesting photo-op than meditate on our sins on Good Friday, but it was fun. har har.

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  1. Awe, I LOVE the golden heart! What fun to explore the old (VERY old) church - I could see myself spending hours there! I'm so glad you had a little fun - PERFECT photo op!!!

    I think it's really interesting that the entire building seems to be crumbling ... except the massive front door.

  2. That's a wonderful heart and very nice photos from an old church :D

  3. What a great golden heart! :-) The old church looks beautiful. What a neat place.

  4. It was also fun going through old photos to look for hearts. haha

    The door was replaced recently-- I kinda wish they used a massive weathered wooden door to match the rest of the church, instead of this metal one.

  5. wonderful heart. and beautiful photos.

  6. What a fun first photo and a heart is a bonus!

  7. What a fun heart photo-op!!!! Love the pictures of the church... TFS