Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Straight guys in Tutus. Sexy. :D

Postcard Friendship Friday #02

This is one of those 'wtf' cards that will leave you puzzled, and more importantly, intrigued. It's really cute though. :)

Seriously, who does not think this is cute?

Look at them all chill while in their crazy, feathered tutu and tights, not giving a damn. I almost find it sexy. Nothing like a man who can rock a tutu, it's most likely pink too. Add the cigarette...yep, I'm sold. They're hot

No, wait.
Maybe not.

They're most probably ballerinas, seeing the ballet shoes they're wearing. Although I don't think their stance scream "pro dancer". Hmm. They don't appear all-out gay too (I guess). I would love to think they're straight guys living a strange fetish-fantasy at some exclusive New York bar. Haha.


The photo was taken by photographer Elliott Erwitt in New York, 1956.

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