Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Oh YES that's what you think it is. ^_~

Lindsay Lohan's Under B00bs!

Tee hee!!!

Ok OK,... OK!! Sorry if the card offends you and what not, please don't leave my lonely blog.

No? You're still leaving? Pretty please?

Still there? This is part of my collection of adcards. I have TONS of them--basically because they're FREE (oh you should see my face when I hear that word). Back in college, I would go to this bookstore every Friday (that's when the new designs come out) and hoard these adcards. Aaah... to be young and broke .

Err, I'm still broke-- and I am one a year older. SIGH. sigh indeed. dammit.

ANYWAY, enjoy miss Lohan's provocative ad campaign for Mark Ecko.

If you managed to turn away from her bosom and noticed the inset photo at the bottom, you would wonder what other tricks this card can do. The adcard includes a 'glyph' at the back which lets you interact (well, sort of) with Lindsay at the Mark Ecko site. It was really fun (if only I'm into Lindsay Lohan)-- you use your webcam and then you see a moving, talking mini lindsay hologram (yees, no kidding) on the glyph--yes, ON the postcard glyph. You can control how you want to watch her and spin her and stuff. BUT,  the hologram is actually just on the web-cam shot in the computer screen, not in the real world. (oh snap.) It's still genius-- if you record the video and show it to your friends, it appears as if you have a Lindsay hologram on your  palm (or desk or wherever you place the postcard).

It's best for guys with nothing to do. If you know what I mean. wink wink.

Which brings me, GUYS (or gals) with nothing to do and wants to get this LiLo adcard with its added tricks, just drop me a message. :) PM if you're too shy. har har.

(I'm not sure if the Mark Ecko site is still up, though. teee heee.)

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  1. Not too many postcrosser like ad cards,but I think it depends, like this one, it is relaly an exception. :)
    Thanks for joining!

  2. She's one of my fave young stars of Hollywood. But when she turned wild, my heart goes out to her. I bet too much publicity and too much money let her managed herself out of control. :(

    But nice card and perfect B...s ^^

  3. Yep, it's sad how young girls look up to her even though she steals, drunk-drives, and ruins every chance that the court gives her. Britney went to this downhill spiral too-- and the media made it worse. At least lindsay doesn't have babies yet. I hope Hannah montana isn't next.

  4. Lindsay and Britney used to be cute, sweet girls. Something really wrong happened along the way.

  5. Ad cards are usually a no-no to postcrossers BUT I love them. I personally collect ad cards from Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. Sadly I wasn't able to complete their collection and have no idea where I kept them. Hopefully they are still in my father's house.

    Visiting via Postcard Perfect. Here's my entry: Kappa Malong-Malong

  6. What can I say? I like her when she's a kid at Parent Trap. Happy to be here again. My PP Entry is here. Happy Postcrossing!

  7. I added your link to my blogroll. Check it here: <a href=">Postcard Lovers</a>

  8. ito lang masasabi ko..sayang sya..
    Visiting from Postcard Perfect Sis. Here is my Postcard entry..

  9. sis..pwede favor? naman ng URL ko sa blog roll mo.. na..naka-blogspot pa kasi sa BR mo..
    thanks! mwah!

  10. I love Lindsay Lohan during the times of Parent Trap,nice ad postcard^_^

    Happy PP!

  11. Naalala ko lang. oo nga sayang sya, parang si Andy Eigenman lang-- SAYANG!!! HAAAy!!

  12. its a unique adcards, well done and you've made a great post out of it! anyway, i added your blog on my list and followed you at gfc! happy postcrossing! :)

  13. this is my first time to meet an adcard as unique as this...I wanna try ..he..he..thank you so much for your comments back in my entry...How come I have nothing to say about it? he..he...thanks for opening my eyes and see the beauty of my postcard...You're one commenter worth keeping:)