Monday, June 13, 2011

Of after-sex glow and stiff necks.

Postcard Perfect

Her name is Virginie and she is in love. I can tell.

She's VERY pretty too-- but that's probably just the after-sex glow. Hmm, yeah that's it. I hate to admit it, but a man can really make a girl beautiful. There's nothing like it. Try looking at yourself at the mirror the next time your man satisfies you, it's better than botox. haha. Err...


This young lady was lucky enough to be the subject of painter Albert Edelfelt. This is one of two of Edelfelt postcards I have-- and I hope to add more. His paintings are beautiful and intricate and extremely alive and life-like. Virginie looks relaxed and happy and in love. She most likely stayed at this position for hours and hours until the artist could finish-- A painful stiff neck, that's what she got. Poor girl.

Speaking of stiff necks- I have one! Got it from staying up long nights *cough* studying too hard *cough* ...ok ok, not too hard...sort of....maybe...ok ok! I stayed up late blog hopping... I do not deserve a massage. happy?


  1. Hi Jill... did you just switch to blogspot? Good on you! I had difficulty in commenting there.

    The subject Virginie is very beautiful and absolutely radiant.Where do you get your vintage postcards from???

  2. Yep, I switched because it's was getting harder to connect with people. :D This postcard was sent to me from Finland. :)
    The other postcards are mostly sent to me, but there's also a nice antique shop in SM Megamall with vintage cards-- but they are a little expensive so I don't usually buy there. I also hunt in old, small bookstores. h^_^