Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I see wut U did ther!

personalized postcard from Stephan of Germany


  1. very interesting capture.. those holes in the roof.. look like eyes..

  2. What a creepy barn! Looks like someone's looking out for somebody hehehe. Nice postcard! Happy Postcard Perfect! Mine is up - <a href=">PP Entry</a>. Happy Postcrossing!

  3. This pic kinda creeps me out. I may have nightmares. I scare easily. But I am a big fan of cool postcards! And pretty ones.

  4. whoa!creepy but interesting postcard!Nice one^_^

    Happy PP!

  5. hI jILL, have we swapped adresses already? this is a beautiful card. looks vintage ^^

    doing my late rounds. hope you will have a nice weekend.

    am joining the August break and will try to post 5 today good for the 5 days ^^ I will use my travel blog ^^

  6. hi Jill.
    medyo wala akong ka-art-art na tao kaya hindi ko sya masyado magets..hahaha..
    Late visiting from PP#23..Have a nice day..
    My PP #23